The Commerce Bank of Washington


The personal involvement our Directors contribute to our bank reflects their enthusiasm and commitment to serving local businesses and working to improve the quality of business and life in our community.

Executive Management

Board of Directors

  • Tom A. Alberg President Madrona Investment Partners
  • Graham S. Anderson GRACO Investments
  • Stanley H. Barer Chairman Emeritus Saltchuk Resources Inc.
  • Christopher T. Bayley Chair, Stewardship Partners Dylan Bay Companies
  • Carl G. Behnke President, REB Enterprises
  • William D. Bradford School of Business Administration University of Washington
  • Richard C. Clotfelter Investor
  • Timothy B. Engle President Saltchuk Resources
  • Michael D. Garvey Chairman (ret.) Saltchuk Resources Inc.
  • James C. Hawkanson The Commerce Bank Retired Chief Executive Officer
  • John A. Hilton, Jr. President and Chief Executive Officer Bessemer Trust Company, N.A.
  • Earl P. Lasher III Senior Partner Lasher, Holzapfel, Sperry & Ebberson
  • William Rademaker, Jr. Investor
  • William J. Rex Retired
  • Robert R. Richards Economist
  • Faye Sarkowsky Community Volunteer
  • Stanley D. Savage Chairman, President and CEO The Commerce Bank
  • Harris H. Simmons Chairman, President and CEO Zions Bancorporation
  • David C. Wyman Wyvest

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